Love One Another
The Rastamon Times Special Edition
You will be rewarded for your purchase of this 11 track CD by Inner Visions.
Dub Missive - Vol 10, #1, Page 10 - 1997
It's worthy of a listen and a good example of alternative island Reggae. Bermuda Pete - Rating: Very Good
CRM Radio 102.7 FM - South Netherlands - Western Germany - Eastern Belguim Review for "Love One Another" - Jan 1997
Vocals Quality - Very Good Backing - Very Good Production - Very Good Sleve - Superb Sound - Superb Remarks: Surprisingly wicked album from this (to us) unknown band. They play reggae inna Bob Marley/Steel Pulse/one drop style, at times mixing it with unexpected influences. A promise for the future!
Ras Records Review for "Love One Another"
Remarks: The trio starts out early hinting of untapped potential on "Love One Another" (check the reprise), a sincere ballad which is a sure radioland favorite story in the making. But most notable is "Blow Down Babylon" a showcase cultural journey for the true of heart? A simmering chalice of dread ideology, preaching messages of respect & love; for one another & JAH - It's Nyabinghi!!! Inner Visions is mature, determined and ready! Respect to the Bredren for their positive and joyous music (how bout "Sisterns & Bredrens, I want you to see what's happening around you & me. Brutality, confusion, misery - for sure. And the only cure is to check your mind.") Wonder is there any more material out there? If I bought this CD I would not be disappointed. Inner Vision shows promise. We will keep watching for future works.

" Takes me back to my trips to St. John".

This Island is home to this fabulous band. If you go there you may get lucky enough to see them perform live. If not, this is as good as it gets and almost like being there!"........
Jonathon Iszard,
Trenton, NJ
(Five star rating.

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