With the short distribution that Caribbean reggae groups have in Europe (excluding the hyperactive production from the Jamaican market), the mordern and contemporary "roots reggae" from many of the distinct and beautiful Caribbean islands that from time to time reach the other side of the Atlantic, just continue to astonish me.
These Islands new reggae movement, which have their biggest expression in the dazzling US Virgin Islands and is indubitable lead by St. Croix modern roots Midnite and I-Grade collective, tend to blend the roots traditions from their Jamaican brethren with some of the most innovative experimental sounds combined with their own cultural musical approach.

From the Virgin's smallest Island -St. John- comes Inner Visions, who are no exception to this fresh approach to the reggae sounds, and their latest work "Street corner Musicians" (2003, Blue Bitch Music) proves that they are capable of gaining their place in the forefront of modern roots reggae, reguardless of being in action for almost 25 years!
Listening to "Street Corner Musicians" gives one a first impression and a nostalgic vibration of the 70's typical Jamaican "One Love Message," trio groups. Rocking strongly from the begining with "Just a Matter of Time" a excellent intro-style track with nice and fast lead vocals and extraordinary guitar solos, followed by "Street Corner Musicians", that gives the name to the album, (a great melody hymn to many artists history and their own,) of how it all started. This album has it all, covering probably every social and spiritual concerns that reggae musicians got us used to. The ever present Ethiopia repatriation symbolism in "Ethiopia", the Rastaman nyabingy drums tradition of "Kindred Journey" and the praises of Jah in "AlleluJah", are the strongest examples of the conscious Rastafarian vibrations lightens one throughout the album.
Two lovers rock style oriented bonus ("Tonight and Snow Queen") close this one hour solid roots showdown, where the strongest and must spin track has to be the beautiful and stunning "Aint it the truth!"
Despite this album sounding their most complete and mature work, catching their two previous released works ("Spiritual Dancer" and "Love One Another,") would also be a good addition to the more truthful reggae fan collection.

DJ Ricardo/AKA Selekta GanJAHman,
Zonareggae reviews
RUA-FM Portugal

Recently I caught a show by Inner Visions in Woodstock New York. Reggae is very much a part of my life and I had never had the oportunity to see this band before. I was impressed........enough to actually buy the CD "Street Corner Muscians" which I found myself playing again and again. Thank you for bringing more blessed vibes into my life. I hope to be able to see you perform again.


Today Linda and I got in my car to go run errands.
Music started where I last left it, a live recording of Ijahman in Paris.
Linda asked: How can you listen to that horrible music?
(She let's you know what she thinks!)
I advanced to another CD. (Skatalites-Bashaka)
Linda: Why do you listen to that old music?
I advanced to the next CD. As Street Corner Musicians started.
Linda: Who's this? I love this! Turn it up!
Unfortunately, now I don't get to keep the CD in my car. Now it's in the CD player at home where Linda can listen to it!

Scotti B

"Once you slip this CD into your player, I think the chances are pretty good that you'll say; now that's reggae!"

DJ Edward Burke
St. Michaels College, WWPV 88.7 FM
Colchester, VT

"This CD is filled with nice and sweet feel good music. Definately Five Stars!"
(Five Star Rating

Brittany La Croix,

"Inner Visions has it all! As always with Inner Visions; conscious lyrics, sweet harmony and moving rhythm!......

Reggae Fan,
Mansfield Center, CT
(Five Star Rating.

"All I can say is aaaaaAAAAHHHHH!
This CD is awsome!

Joe Mongie,
St. John, US VI

"It just lives in my CD player!"..........

Cruz Bay, St John

I Just love "My Father's Prayer". It's also a favorite here at KNON 89. 3
Dallas TX...............

Felicia Strickland
KNON Reggae Personality and PR person
JOBE Enterprises

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